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Why Choose Mail Boxes Etc. Franchise

Proven business system

Experienced brand leadership

Valuable Know-how on how to develop a business concept

A multi-faceted revenue model

Global franchise network

Dedicated ongoing support and training with a team committed to excellence

About MBE

Becoming an MBE franchise partner is one of the best business steps you could take.

  • The number one postal and business services network in the world
  • An MBE centre opens somewhere every week
  • Uniquely, MBE is not a single product franchise
  • Low start-up investment
  • Low staffing requirements
  • High calibre clientele

MBE is about family, integrity and trust. It is about loving what you do and if you are looking for a business that can make a difference in your community as well as in your life, then look no further than MBE.


MBE worldwide locations


Centres operating in Hungary


Years of steady growth worldwide


Countries worldwide

Join one of the world’s most successful franchise groups!

Become a Part of MBE

Draw a line to your future

I like helping people solve everyday challenges.

Engagement and quality of work do make a difference.

I need a new career path.

Franchising reduces start-up risk and gives me control over my destiny.

I want to leverage my existing contacts and relationships.

MBE solves diverse needs of local people and businesses.

Frequently Asked Question

You’ve got questions, We’ve got answers

We firmly believe that the franchise system gives both us and you the best of both worlds. You get the same entrepreneurial opportunities you would as a start-up. But you also enjoy the support and economies of scale which you’d otherwise have to become a multinational business to access.

A franchise agreement is a legal document which defines the roles of the two signatories, the franchisor (that’s MBE) and the franchisee (that’s you). It lays out all of the specially developed processes, technical expertise, commercial power, trademarks and branding which the franchsior will license the franchisee to use in exchange for the franchise fee.

A franchisee is legally distinct from the franchisor. They have their own independent status and finances. This relationship will be detailed in any franchise agreement.

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