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MBE Franchise FAQs

We firmly believe that the franchise system gives both us and you the best of both worlds. You get the same entrepreneurial opportunities you would as a start-up. But you also enjoy the support and economies of scale which you’d otherwise have to become a multinational business to access.

A franchise agreement is a legal document which defines the roles of the two signatories, the franchisor (that’s MBE) and the franchisee (that’s you). It lays out all of the specially developed processes, technical expertise, commercial power, trademarks and branding which the franchsior will license the franchisee to use in exchange for the franchise fee.

A franchisee is legally distinct from the franchisor. They have their own independent status and finances. This relationship will be detailed in any franchise agreement.

Many franchisees in the MBE network did not have funding when they started. MBE knows that this is one of the biggest stumbling blocks new businesses face. That’s why you’ll always be able to take advantage of MBE’s framework relationships with financial entities like banks. They’re ideally placed to help you source loans, grants, subsidies and more. They’ll help you because they know that MBE franchisees are safe places to put their money.

After helping more than 2500 entrepreneurs set up their businesses around the globe, we know that everyone’s financial circumstances are different. We understand how important it is to make sure you are offered a solution which is right for you.

MBE’s certainly do. Your first training sessions will be a four-work batch designed to get you up to speed on all the basic processes involved in running your Centre, including business development skills. Part of this course is delivered in a classroom environment. But there are also in-store and in-the-field training sessions included.

That’s your initial training over. But you have the option of ongoing training in sales skills, business operations and a lot more available. We highly recommend you take advantage of it.

Yes. As mentioned above, the main further training courses we offer are designed to boost your business operations knowledge and sales skills. But there are a number of other courses on offer.

They’re delivered by master franchisees and other experts in the form of workshops, video training, sessions co-sponsored by our vendors and in-Centre programs. You’ll also be given the opportunity to meet some of our top-performing franchisees to learn the secrets of their success.

We’ll help you. We’ve already set up 2500+ Business Centres globally, so we know what a new one needs in terms of location in order to be successful.

Once we’ve helped you choose the best spot, we’ll set you up with everything you need to build out and plan your interior design. We’ve really honed the best way to set up a Centre. We know how to make things easier for you, better for your customers and, overall, far more cost-effective.

Absolutely. We lay out clearly in your franchise agreement the bounds of the area in which we guarantee no further MBE Centres will be set up.

MBE carries out global and national-level marketing campaigns on your behalf. But this is really to supplement the reach of our brand, which is already known around the world.

The real way which all of the entrepreneurs in the MBE network get more and more clients every day is through gaining a reputation for successful service delivery. Every time you – or any of the other two-and-a-half thousand entrepreneurs in the network – listen, plan and competently execute the service which a customer needs, you have gained a convert.

For many of our clients, this means they will be a regular source of business for you and potentially other entrepreneurs on our network in the future. Because that client has a business whose ongoing needs they know can be met by MBE.

Yes. MBE’s services are needed by companies and individuals all over the world. They’re used and required by clients in all cultures and in almost any country you care to name. No matter your local economic environment or culture, you’ll find that the MBE business concept works. 2500 successful Centres around the globe attest to that.

Yes. When we’re working together to choose your franchise location, we’ll make sure you’re aware of this as an option.

This only usually comes about if an entrepreneur in the network wants to retire, for instance.

If you’re searching for an entrepreneurial challenge, MBE offers you one. There’s still the same requirement that you be self-motivated, go-getting and dedicated to making your business work as you would if you were indeed starting your own business alone. However:

MBE helps you overcome almost all of the other challenges involved in being a new start-up. For instance, many companies struggle with funding. Banks know that MBE franchisees are safe investments, thus you won’t have a problem. You also get the kind of training and access to the type of precision processes which most business leaders spend years developing, losing money all the time they do.

You also have easy access to economies of scale which most smaller businesses can’t dream of. That’s in addition to data analysis provided by a team of central in-house professionals who’ll help you develop the best sales strategies and growth tactics based on information collected from our entire 2500+ Centre global network.

Learn more about becoming an MBE franchisee by speaking to the people in the position to know best – our existing entrepreneurs themselves.

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