MBE Franchise Information – Daily Duties

Me in MBE

What will my normal working day look like?

Thousands of people all around the world walk through the doors of their local MBE Business Centre every day. They present challenges such as:

  • A local takeaway restaurant which wants you to design and print a new batch of advertising for their next direct marketing campaign
  • A nearby motor mechanic needs you to ship a single part to the other side of the globe by tomorrow
  • A person with a home business based nearby needs you to improve the way consumers interact with their company

These are the kinds of challenges which it will be your job to resolve each and every day.

People in need of the printing, graphic design, logistics and other services you’ll offer as an entrepreneur who’s part of the MBE network will come to you. It will be down to you to provide the kind of reliable, competent and honest service which will convince them that using MBE is what they should have been doing all along. As well as something they should do long into the future.

Who will my customers be?

MBE Business Centres are used by all sizes of companies around the globe. We number multinational corporations among our clients, but the vast majority of our customers are small and medium business owners. That’s because the plethora of services which you’ll offer as an MBE franchisee are vital to businesses of all sizes. But they’re also ones which many smaller companies cannot perform themselves at a cost-effective rate.

That’s a huge, ready client base just waiting to be shown how much easier their lives can be, with MBE.

What do I get out of it?

It’s all the challenges and joys of being a modern entrepreneur – being your own boss, setting your own targets, knowing that it’s your hard work and dedication which are really making a difference. But it’s also knowing that you’re doing it with an entire support network behind you. Knowing that you have training and data analysis experts supporting your daily operations – as well as making your future expansion possible.

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